Behind the Scenes – Tray Ceiling Painting Project Walkthrough

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Welcome to Epic Painting & Exteriors, where we turn your dreams of a transformed space into vibrant reality.

In our latest video, join me, Josh Shaffer, owner of Epic Painting & Exteriors, as I walk you through an extraordinary interior painting project right here in Madison, Wisconsin. This project, showcasing our meticulous craftsmanship, exemplifies our commitment to excellence from start to finish.

In this video, you’ll see a quick but detailed look at how our Free Estimate process works as I walk through a home, discussing the homeowner’s desire to elevate the look of their living space. We pride ourselves on detailed walkthroughs, understanding every nuance of the project. Believe it or not, we accomplished this remarkable transformation without the need for scaffolding on this project.

Our skilled team, armed with precision and expertise, utilized ladders to paint ceilings and walls with two coats, seamlessly blending in an accent tray with an additional two coats. Below, you’ll see some after-photos of this living room and the complete finished product. Take a look!

The project involved intricate patching and applying orange peel texture where needed. The result? A flawless finish that conceals any trace of repairs or anchors on the walls and ceilings. This project, completed in just two days, stands as a testament to our efficiency without compromising on the quality of our work.

Located right here in Madison, Wisconsin, Epic Painting & Exteriors takes pride in enhancing your space’s aesthetics. The video showcases the impact of a color-accented ceiling on an already lofty space, creating the illusion of even greater height. Our clients utilized Epic Painting’s Digital Color Snap Visualizer on behalf of Sherwin Williams to decide on the perfect color combination for this space. Give it a try for your home! Simply upload a photo of your space in to our digital visualizer, start picking colors, and design your home’s transformation.

The satisfaction of our customers is our driving force, and this project is yet another testament to the transformative power of our painting services.

Please let us know about your next Interior Painting project, our team would be happy to help and don’t forget, Epic Painting & Exteriors also offers the following services:

Exterior Painting  • Staining and Sealing  • Drywall Hanging & Repair  • Metal Roof Painting   • Window Replacement  • Siding  • Doors  • Commercial Painting

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

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